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HelpMeSee is building sustainable solutions to the global health challenge of cataract blindness so that our partners continue the work of restoring sight. That begins with training the thousands of cataract specialists needed to reduce the waiting list of millions awaiting treatment. It requires community mobilization efforts to identify patients and connect them to services. Lastly, patient care must be safe and accessible, even in remote regions of India.

Our solution uses three key technologies:

Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) is an safe, effective procedure to treat cataract blindness. It takes only a few minutes to perform and is a low-cost treatment that can restore sight.

India has thousands of ophthalmologists, but not all are trained in the MSICS procedure. So at the center HelpMeSee’s strategy is a training program, focused on training specialists in India who can provide sustainable care.

SimulatorTo rapidly train the 9,000+ cataract specialists needed to serve 683 districts in India, HelpMeSee is developing a simulation-based training program. Inspired by our co-founders’ experience in simulation-based training for aviation, we are developing the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator as part of an integrated learning system which will support training for thousands of cataract specialists.

The benefits of simulation-based training include:

  • Surgeons can achieve a higher level of proficiency in MSICS

  • Reduced risk to live patients.

  • Individual tasks can be practiced as many times as needed until the desired skill level is attained

  • Using simulation, trainees are able to learn from their mistakes.

  • Objective performance measurement for every simulated surgery.

For both the trainee and the instructor, simulation technology provides a realistic surgical experience. Combined with the training program, HelpMeSee intends to replace the traditional training in MSICS, which was dependent on training in live surgery.

In the long term, simulation-based training will prove to be a more effective method to train the thousands of cataract specialists needed to rapidly reduce cataract blindness in India.


Patient outreach

To help end cataract blindness in India, we must reach patients where they live to help deliver treatment. That’s why we partner with local community health workers, and why we created the HelpMeSee Reach app so they can do their jobs even better.

Here’s how it works:HowReachAppWorks

HelpMeSee's Reach app is designed to help identify potential cataract patients, a connects them with care at one of our partner hospitals. Using the app, we can support the patient at every step in the process, from mobilization through post-surgical examination. 


“It used to take us from 1 to 2 days. Now with the mobile app, the whole process is completed in 10 – 15 minutes and then we just need to click send.”
MEERA DEVI, Community Health Agent

Delivering high-quality healthcare in India presents a unique set of challenges. According to the WHO, infection rates in developing countries, for example, are twice as high. It is estimated about 25% of the pharmaceuticals used in these countries are counterfeit or substandard (WHO).

So HelpMeSee has developed a new solutions: a pre-sterilized, single-use surgical kit that contains all necessary instruments for a MSICS procedure, and a cloud-based reporting system to monitor the outcomes for patients.

MSICS Kit 02

A few benefits of the Surgical Kits:

  • Allows treatment in remote regions

  • Pre-sterilized instruments for every surgery

  • * High quality medicine and surgical supplies

  • High quality surgical supplies

  • * Standardize cost of instruments and simplify supply chain

  • Provide all necessary tools for MSICS

  • Links instrument sets with patients' data

Cloud-Based Surgical Reporting

All surgeries are recorded in our cloud-based surgical reporting system in real-time. When patients receive care in India, our medical team can monitor the health outcomes of every surgery and ensure that all patients receive necessary follow up exams. This system helps ensure corrective measures can be implemented if needed at partner hospitals. Along with the surgical kit, this system allows us to maintain the highest standards of surgical quality, and improve patient outcomes.

MSICS Kit 01